Rockers Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes were forced to call in Tears For Fears drummer JIMMY COPLEY to revamp the beats on their lost DEP SESSIONS because they no longer wanted to be associated with a sex offender.

Jailed former JUDAS PRIEST star DAVE HOLLAND was the guest drummer on the 1996 project, which was locked away in one of Iommi's vaults until a pal stumbled across them and urged the Black Sabbath guitarist to consider releasing them.

But Iommi didn't want to put the album out with Holland's name attached to the project after the drummer was jailed in 2003 for attempting to rape a special-needs youth.

Iommi says, "The association he's got at the moment isn't something we wanted to be involved in... The recording wasn't that good."

06/01/2005 02:53