Despite the release of the coroner's report, confirming that Tony Scott committed suicide, there are still so many questions yet to have been answered, and his death still seems shrouded in mystery.

The report said that he died of multiple blunt force injuries, following jumping off the Vincent St Thomas Bridge in the USA. Scott, who directed some excellent thrillers including True Romance and Man on Fire, was also found to have 'therapeutic' levels of anti-depressants in his system, as well as another drug to help the director sleep. 

Whether or not Scott was suffering from other, more physical ailments than depression remains unclear. At the time of his death ABC falsely reported that he had been suffering with cancer. Coroner's office official, Craig Harvey saw no evidence of illness, "There was no evidence of neoplasia -- cancer - identified," he said, reported by the LA Times. Plus, while some sources claim that he had mentioned back and hip pains, Mark Bomback who wrote Scott's movie 'Unstoppable' saw none of that "In a million years, this isn't something I'd have thought he'd do," Mark explained. "I never had an inkling he had any health problems.... You'd think he was making his first film from his level of energy and enthusiasm." At the time of death, Scott still had numerous projects in the pipeline, he also leaves behind a young family, his wife and two sons.