Tove Lo has tied the knot.

The 'Talking Body' singer married her partner Charlie Twaddle in a surprise ceremony and shared the happy news on social media with her fans and friends.

On top of the photo, which showed the couple in wedding attire, she simply wrote: ''Oops (sic)''

Meanwhile, Tove previously confessed she struggled being in the spotlight for many years as she found it adapting to being an artist rather than just a songwriter and the pressure that comes with people having ''opinions'' on her every move.

She admitted: ''I didn't feel at home in the life of being an artist. Being a person in the public eye, and being a person that someone has opinions about in general. Getting used to being away from my family and my friends and them being used to it, and being worried about my voice.''

Tove has been dubbed the ''saddest girl in Sweden'' in the past, and whilst she says there is some ''sadness'' in her music, the 32-year-old singer has learnt that she doesn't need to be ''unhappy to make good songs''.

She explained: ''When I listen to it, I notice there's still quite a lot of sadness there as well. But I think I felt that way because I was writing it from a calmer and happier place. I remember I was kind of like, 'How do you write when you're just in a good space?' Like what do you grab your inspiration from? But it was cool to see that I don't need to be in chaos to write, and that I don't need to be unhappy to make good songs. I've always been quite vulnerable in my songs but I think the difference is there's an acceptance now or like a love for being vulnerable instead of being angry about being vulnerable.''