Tracee Ellis Ross has finally learned to love her hair.

The 47-year-old actress and singer - who has her own hair-care brand Pattern - says that "hair love is self love" and admitted that "my journey to self acceptance can be chronicled through my journey with my hair".

Tracee wrote on Instagram: "I've always said that my journey to self acceptance can be chronicled through my journey with my hair. Taking the time to accept, understand and love my hair mirrors the relationship I have with myself. I have grown to love and appreciate my hair in all of its seasons. Because hair love IS self love."

Tracee admitted it took her some time to grow to love her hair and she still faces challenges with it but she has come to love her locks, although she is not yet ready to embrace her greys.

She explained: "My hair has played many a role throughout my life. When I was a teen, I didn't understand it so I tried everything under the sun to make it do what I thought it should. The results were not great. Namely, it was fried. But, once I began listening to my hair and started figuring out what it liked, my true curl pattern emerged. By the time I made it onto Girlfriends my hair was healthy and POPPIN. But as I have grown and matured my texture has evolved.

"My hair is now turning grey (evidence of my life and my years). And while the grey has changed my texture and the dye I use to cover it has loosened my pattern, I finally know my hair inside and out. I know what she likes, what she doesn't like, and how she'll react in any given situation. And while I'm not ready to embrace the grey just yet, I'm sure that will be exciting when I do! (sic)"