Tracee Ellis Ross' mother Diana Ross inspired her to always dress ''extremely'' glamorously - even at home.

The 47-year-old actress - who is the child of the 'I'm Coming Out' hitmaker and her ex-husband, Robert Ellis Silberstein - has admitted she will never be seen in tracksuits and casual attire because her parent always looked ''fancy'' on stage or chilling at home.

She said: ''My mum [Diana Ross] was extremely glamorous at home, not just on the stage.

''That's probably why I never go out in full sweats.

''During my childhood, she would only wear tracksuits if they were fancy and with high heels.''

The 'High Note' star says that her famous mom also inspired her ''obsession with coordinating'' with the two-piece leather sets she used to rock.

Speaking to ELLE, Tracee shared: ''She had coordinating sets of North Beach Leathers trousers and oversized bomber jackets in every colour, from powder blue to yellow.

''I can see her influence in my obsession with coordinating: I can't stand having my toes and fingernails painted different colours, my shoes must match my belt and my knickers must match my bra.''

Elsewhere, the 'Black-ish' actress admitted that her hair is her ''greatest form of expression'' and that her locks ''chronicle'' her ''journey to self-acceptance''.

She explained: ''It's my greatest form of expression.

''Sometimes it's big, sometimes it's small, sometimes elegant, gravity-defying, electric ... I don't think there's anything as chic as a slicked-back bun, but when my hair is loose, it has a mind of its own.''