Tracee Ellis Ross has a new role as diversity and inclusion advisor at Ulta Beauty.

The 'High Note' star - who is the daughter of music legend Diana Ross - has partnered with the beauty retailer to work with them on making sure they are supporting black-owned businesses and in their efforts to be a fully-inclusive outlet.

Tracee said in a statement: "I look forward to formalising an already existing dialogue and partnership around diversity and inclusion with [Ulta Beauty CEO] Mary Dillon and the Ulta Beauty team. This work requires commitment and accountability from Ulta Beauty to ensure measurable goals are achieved. I am hopeful and optimistic our work together will create foundational change."

Ulta has vowed to spend $4 million marketing businesses owned by people of colour, whilst they will offer extra training to staff at their stores so they are better equipped with understanding the needs of their customers from different ethnic groups.

Meanwhile, Tracee - who owns haircare brand Pattern - recently opened up about her journey to learning to love her hair.

The 48-year-old actress admitted it took her some time to grow to embrace her locks and she still faces challenges with it but she has come to love her tresses, although she is not yet ready to embrace her greys.

She explained in December: "My hair has played many a role throughout my life. When I was a teen, I didn't understand it so I tried everything under the sun to make it do what I thought it should. The results were not great. Namely, it was fried. But, once I began listening to my hair and started figuring out what it liked, my true curl pattern emerged. By the time I made it onto Girlfriends my hair was healthy and POPPIN. But as I have grown and matured my texture has evolved.

"My hair is now turning grey (evidence of my life and my years). And while the grey has changed my texture and the dye I use to cover it has loosened my pattern, I finally know my hair inside and out. I know what she likes, what she doesn't like, and how she'll react in any given situation. And while I'm not ready to embrace the grey just yet, I'm sure that will be exciting when I do! (sic)"