Porn icon Traci Lords was so embarrassed to be seen with her former rocker boyfriend Slash, she insisted they never arrived at parties and events together. The ex-GUNS N' ROSES star briefly dated Lords in the late 1980s, but had to accept he was way out of his league when the actress insisted he remain in the background. Writing in his forthcoming autobiography, the guitarist recalls meeting Lords at the 1989 MTV Movie Awards and dating her "immediately" afterwards. Slash says, "I was infamous, but I was stuck in a raggedy, heathen mentality... Traci didn't want any part of being seen in public with me; if we ever went anywhere where anyone might be paying attention, she'd put me through this stupid ordeal where I'd have to come in after her and meet her inside, as if by accident. "She always insisted that we scoot in some back alley entrance. "From what I understood she wanted to keep a low profile because she didn't want to be exposed as some kind of groupie slut or one of the porno chicks that guys like me dated."