Review of Save Me, San Francisco Album by Train

Returning after a three year hiatus, Train's fifth studio album was released last year in America and now gets a push in other markets. The band are perhaps best known for their 2001 hit 'Drops Of Jupiter', which landed them two Grammy Awards and has helped them retain a fanbase that allows for the world tour they are currently playing.

Train Save Me, San Francisco Album

Whilst it is with MOR balladry that Train have found their past success, the record begins in fun rock'n'roll style with the title track, a fun romp that can easily be danced and sang to. The ballads come in great numbers though and it's due to the sentimental vocals of Pat Monahan that they don't become clichéd. 'This Ain't Goodbye' is a fine example of how not to over blow a soft rock anthem, while 'Parachute' could light up a stadium quite comfortably. A soulful side is explored by 'Words' and it is only really with 'Brick By Brick' that the trio really lose their way. Stepping away from their comfort zone bears mixed results, 'Breakfast In Bed' best described as confusing, but 'If It's Love' captures a genuine happiness with a celebratory sound.

The inclusion of a live version of the afore-mentioned ubiquitous 'Drops Of Jupiter' serves to overshadow many of the songs though, even with it not being a great recording, with nothing getting near the same standard. Still, fans of the band should be pleased as it very much seems that Train have picked up where they left off.

Alex Lai


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