The supposed final episode of 'The Last Kingdom' is set to air in the UK on Thursday and fans are feeling anxious over whether or not it will be renewed for a second season given the popularity. If it's anything like Irish series 'Vikings', it'll be well on the way to gaining multi-season success.

Travis FimmelTravis Fimmel on the set of 'Vikings'

Michael Hirst drama 'Vikings' was first aired in 2013 and follows the adventures of Norse legend Ragnar Lodbrok as he attempts to take England and France. Starring Travis Fimmel, it's already been renewed for a fourth season which began production in the Spring and will feature a host of new faces. 

Meanwhile, 'The Last Kingdom' starring Alexander Dreymon follows the other side of that century. England is split into several kingdoms led by the Anglo-Saxons and they are under constant threat from Viking takeovers. One man, Uhtred, is on the fence throughout the whole affair; he was adopted by a Viking at a young age following the death of his Saxon father and he's forced to decide where his loyalties lie. Should he honour his proper heritage in this brutal war? Or stick by the people that raised him?

While the latter has received similarly positive reviews since it premiered in October, it's still unclear whether or not we can expect more from this story. This first series is based on Bernard Cornwell's 'The Saxon Stories' novel collection, namely 'The Last Kingdom' and 'The Pale Horseman', but there's still plenty more where they came from.

Plus, the sword-fighting, fur-donning cast of both shows wouldn't look out of place on the set of 'Game Of Thrones' - and with that being such a success, there's no reason why 'The Last Kingdom' (and indeed 'Vikings') shouldn't go on to achieve similar popularity. Though, obviously, there are no dragons in the Viking sagas.

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Watch episode 8 of 'The Last Kingdom' on December 10th 2015.