Australian actor Travis Fimmel forgoes bathing whenever he is shooting historical drama series Vikings on location in Ireland, because the lakeside cabin he stays in has no form of plumbing.

The star is a big fan of the outdoors and considers himself incredibly lucky to film in such "magnificent" surroundings, but he admits he has one gripe about the accommodations provided.

He says, "(It's a) beautiful country, the landscape is just magnificent. I'm lucky... we shoot on a lake... and I get to live in a little cabin there and I love it. My goal this year is to get a restroom and a shower...

"I try to save it (showering) for work; I shower in my dressing room... There's a lake there, so when I'm brave, it's a very quick run down the lake, without thinking, jumping in and then running back (to his cabin) like a little girl."

However, Fimmel insists getting to work in Ireland has been a real dream come true.

He adds, "If you see how beautiful it is, it's just amazing. There's this beautiful lake, I go water skiing on there and I go fishing so it's... just tremendous. I get a boat to work sometimes."