Oscar winner Trent Reznor has confirmed plans to start work on a new album later this year (11).
Reznor hasn't released any new music under the moniker since 2008, and he prompted fears there would be no more Nine Inch Nails music in 2009 after announcing he would no longer be playing live.
The band was expected to head back into the studio last year (10), but no new material surfaced. Now Reznor has assured fans another project is on its way - although he's having to go back to basics.
He says, "We plan to do a record later this year, but some material isn't as relevant to me as when I first wrote it. I don't wake up in the same place as I did when I was 25, and frankly I'm happy that I don't."
Reznor has has been spending his time away from Nine Inch Nails focusing on film scores - his work on The Social Network won him his first Academy Award last month (Feb11) and he's also signed up to write the soundtrack to David Fincher's American adaptation of Swedish thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.