Trent Reznor is planning to release a new Nine Inch Nails album.

The singer, songwriter and producer announced last year he was putting the influential industrial rock group - of which he is the sole permanent member - on indefinite hiatus but after winning an Oscar for his score for 'The Social Network', he now plans to resurrect the band.

In a blog post on, he wrote: "The three columns of things I'm currently funnelling music into - HTDA [How To Destroy Angels], NIN [Nine Inch Nails] and film work - I believe will start to make more sense to you (and me) as everything unfolds. By having a few different outlets for my work I'm finding more inspiration within each one. No, Nine Inch Nails is not dead and I plan to focus on that next."

Along with working on an album for Nine Inch Nails, Trent is currently putting the finishing touches to a new record for How To Destroy Angels - his band with wife Mariqueen Maandig and producer Atticus Ross - and is "very happy" with the album so far.

He said: "Perhaps I misspoke on the red carpet or wherever it was I said the new How To Destroy Angels record is finished - it is not. We've been working since last summer on it and are due to mix it this summer for a fall release. We've spent a lot of time experimenting and finding our own sound and identity this time around and we're very happy with the results."

Following on from his success with 'The Social Network', Trent revealed he is now putting his creative talents into the soundtracks for two new movies, 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' and 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'.