Whoever runs the CIA’s new Twitter account really wants to convince the world that the agency is fun, quirky, down with the cool kids and not at all a slightly scary government organization. Cue their one-month Twitterversary celebration. The agency’s followers had a lot of questions – and for once, the agency was fine with answering. Well, sort of.

'No we don't know where Tupac is,' one of a stream of Twitter posts read Monday.

Another read: “No, we don't know your password, so we can't send it to you. #sorrynotsorry”

Well, there goes the Tumblr account then... The CIA are also apparently hiring, in case anyone is interested.

And don’t think the agency doesn’t have some friends out there. The agency’s social media manager apologized to Ellen Degeneres for not following back, but offered , “If you visit us maybe we can take a selfie?”

So the CIA might still know more about you than you’d like, but at least they have a sense of humour, if that’s some consolation. Their first tweet on June 7 read: “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.” They got a surprising amount of Twitter love for the message, which was retweeted over 300,000 times.

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Those who want more serious info from the agency (because social media is Serious Business) can follow their newly created Facebook page.