Fast-talking rapper Twista's estranged wife is fighting for more of the hitmaker's money after claiming he's not paying enough child support.

RASHIDA MITCHELL first filed for divorce from Twista, real name CARL TERRELL MITCHELL, in 1999 but is holding out for more child support from her ex before making their separation official.

She fears the rapper is duping officials into thinking he only brings home $2,000 (GBP1,110)-a-month, and they've accepted he should only pay $460 (GBP255.50)-a-month for his 10-year-old daughter Aaliyah's keep.

A legal spokeswoman for Rashida Mitchell says, "When you put him in the category of what his income potential is, that puts him in the category of a deadbeat dad."

Meanwhile, Mitchell has appeared on American court news show CELEBRITY Justice to shame her ex into paying their daughter more money and more attention.

She says, "He's only been to about three birthday parties out of her 10 years of living.

"(Aaliyah's) sad, she's hurt, she just doesn't know why her daddy won't be a part of her life."

30/09/2004 02:45