We didn’t even know that Tyga and Chris Brown were friends and it turns out their kids are BFFs. This according to Tyga and Brown’s instagram feeds, which now features a picture of the two adorable baby humans.

Tyga collaborates with Chris Brown on and off stage.

 Tyga first shared a photo of the two toddlers including his son King Cairo looking at the camera as a giant Charlie Brown character stood in the background. Don't worry, folks. It's likely just a nod to Chris' nickname and love for the cartoon.

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The cuteness overload also included a video of the two kids playing, believed to have been taken from Tyga’s Snapchat, in which a man’s voice can be heard saying: “You gotta be nice, you gotta share.”

Post playtime, an exhausted Royalty Brown (CB’s daughter) is seen cuddling up to her dad on the sofa and practicing her “Wassup” call. It might be the best video we’ve seen all week.

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The pictures and videos have been making the rounds on Twitter and spreading joy and cuteness across the land, presumably making Chris Brown and Tyga a little more likable to the general population.