Onlookers may have thought the swarm of police officers at rap star Tyga's recent music video shoot were part of the act, but the Los Angeles Police Department were all business when they handcuffed the 24 year-old.

Tyga was handcuffed during his video shoot for 'Make It Work'

During his video shoot for 'Make It Work,' in South Central L.A. on Monday (Nov 10th), Tyga was pulled over in a Rolls-Royce for reckless driving, and handcuffed against a fence, but did not get arrested. However, his bodyguard was arrested for possession of a gun that was not registered in California, TMZ reports.

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A spokesperson named Kim for the LAPD told Us Weekly, "They were shooting a rap video in the area of 76th and Kansas. LAPD air unit observed a vehicle drive away from that location and observed the vehicle driving recklessly. Los Angeles Police School Police officers conducted a traffic stop at Hoover and Florence where the driver was cited and released, for a traffic violation and the body guard was detained for further investigation for an unknown charge."

"Tyga was the driver," Kim added. "I was told he was cited and released at the scene. I don't know if he was detained, he may have been. Officers have the discretion to detain any occupants in a traffic stop. I do know for sure he was cited and released at the scene. The LAPD School Police are the one's who cited and released the driver, I don't know where there's a school nearby or if they were just driving between schools but they are sworn Police Officers."

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Due to his brush with the law, Tyga missed a scheduled appearance at a live stream with Chris Brown and Trey Songz to announce the Between the Sheets tour later that afternoon, but the two R&B stars still went ahead with their performance and answered fan questions.