Teen Wolf! If you’re not into MTV’s ridiculous/amazing/hilarious show about, yes, teenage werewolves, what are you even doing here? After the intense and very, very weird events of Episode three, the actions of the shape-shifters and a plethora of nightmare creatures, everyone is left injured, even the utterly clueless coach Finstock.

Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien - the real mystery is how these characters balance shifting, high school and their utterly flawless hairstyles.

So what does the most WTF-inducing show on television have in store for next time? Well, according to the promo, the shifter crew will face a new potential threat (what else is new?) and this one is as creepy as it gets. In the process, Peter apparently gets a knife in his chest in what looks like a painful, but generally survivable blow. The action is set at Lydia’s lake house, as some uninvited guests show up. Recipe for disaster? Probably, but disaster is this show’s middle name. Teen “Disaster” Wolf. Seriously.

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Holland Roden
Most importantly, what will Lydia's hair look like?

In the meantime, Derek is going to hunt down a killer. J.R. Bourne will guest star as Chris Argent. Episode 4 is due to air on Monday night, July 14, on MTV. Unmissable is the only way to describe this show, where the action moves so fast, that missing a couple episodes means that you might as well be watching a whole new story.