The former child star was one of the young Hollywood actors up for the role of werewolf Jacob in the blockbuster franchise, but he did not know he had been unsuccessful until a chance meeting with Lautner after he handed the role.

Posey tells U.S. chat show The Talk, "I got the audition for Jacob from Twilight, which was played by Taylor Lautner. So he and I lived in the same town and I would see him out on all these auditions, including the Twilight audition.

"I saw him a few months later and I was like, 'Hey man, how's it going?' And he's like, 'I've been in Oregon filming.' And I was like, 'Filming what?' And he said, 'Twilight.' And I was like, 'Oh I didn't get it then..."

Posey went on to star in his own TV show Teen Wolf, in which he also plays a werewolf.