‘America’s Next Top Model’ ended its epic 12 years and 22 cycle run on the CW this past Friday, with Nyle DiMarco becoming the show’s last ever winner. Earlier this year it was announced the show had been given the axe, but fans are still hoping it could find a new home, with or without Banks.

Tyra Banks‘America’s Next Top Model’ host Tyra Banks.

DiMarco is not just the CW show’s last even winner, he’s also their first ever deaf contestant. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his win, DiMarco said he was ‘truly humbled’ to take home the title.

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“I am truly humbled. Not only that I am going to be known as the final Top Model but as a final Top Model who is DEAF! And that is an amazing tagline. This proves that Deaf people can do anything and everything,” DiMarco said.

As for Banks, she has plenty to keep her busy, now that ‘ANTM’ is off the air. The all-round media mogul recently stepped back from her talk show FABLife, to focus on her successful cosmetics line.

When asked if she was surprised at the success the show has had over the years, Banks told Variety: “I was surprised early on. I thought we would do about two cycles. I was very new to television. I had a natural gut for producing television, but I didn’t know the business at all.”

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But as for wether or not we can ever expect ‘Top Model’ back on our screens, Banks seems hopeful: “Based on that the public seems so crazed about it, we’re looking at possibly doing something somewhere else. I don’t exactly know, but I know they’re looking into it, based on that response,” Banks said.