Supermodel Tyra Banks and her partner of five years have reportedly split. The star of America’s Next Top Model shares a 21-month-old son, York, with Erik Asla and reports have said they will continue to co-parent their son.

Tyra BanksTyra Banks has reportedly split from the father of her baby

Page Six claims the 43-year-old model and presenter and her 53-year-old partner are going through the separation "drama-free".

A source said: "It came drama-free and they're co-parenting their young son.

"He is slated to shoot the photos for the opening credits of . . . the upcoming America's Next Top Model."

Although Erik has agreed to move out of their shared home, the pair will still work together professionally on the reality TV show - which Tyra founded and has been a judge in some capacity for the past 24 series.

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The split comes just over a year after rumours that the couple were struggling to keep their relationship going after the birth of their baby son.

York was born via surrogate in January last year after Banks was forced to endure 'traumatic' rounds of fertility treatment in the years previous.

She said at the time: "When I turned 40, the one thing I was not happy about is that I did not have kids. I'm like, 'Damn, the clock is ticking!'.

"I've had some not happy moments with [IVF], very traumatic moments. It's difficult as you get older. It's not something that can just happen."

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However, after being gifted with her miracle child, Tyra explained she was keen to keep him out of the limelight and she she regretted posting a picture of him, despite keeping him off social media for the first 18 months of his life.

Speaking about the incident in which she saw paparazzi trying to steal a snap of her son, the model said: ''I'm trying to hide him with a blanket. I pull over the gas station after they get the shot, I text his dad and I'm like, 'I've got to put this picture out before the paparazzi. I don't want them to make money off our child and have the first picture'.

"So, I posted the damn picture. The next day, there ain't no paparazzi pictures, because mama knew how to hide that camera.

"She's a supermodel for a reason! And so now his picture is out there and I didn't need it to be!"