Tyra Banks sees a ''very hopeful tomorrow'' - despite the ongoing threat of coronavirus.

The 46-year-old model admitted she's currently struggling to remain positive due to the health crisis, but she's more optimistic about the long-term future.

She explained: ''It's very difficult for me to look in the mirror and think about [being] hopeful for myself, especially when I turn on the news.

''But I feel hopeful about a cure, about a vaccine. I feel that we're going to be better from that, that we're going to be connecting more than ever.''

Tyra believes the pandemic has made so-called smizing - which means smiling with the eyes - more important than ever.

She told Glamour magazine: ''Smizing has been totally transformed.

''Now I see nurses and doctors on social media making videos about how smizing is allowing them to connect with people because they have to wear a mask all day and can only connect with their eyes. So I foresee a very hopeful tomorrow.''

Despite this, Tyra acknowledged that the ''uncertainty'' created by the pandemic has undermined some of her business ambitions.

The model - who is set to host the new series of 'Dancing with the Stars' - shared: ''The other side is scared as hell because there's so much uncertainty.

''I'm starting this [ice cream] company, Smize Cream, and we're doing amazing things, but we're holding back because of so much uncertainty.

''But I'm hopeful that I will be able to hire so many people and take their careers to the next level - especially people of colour.''