Tyra Banks is planning to make a ''spoof of 'America's Next Top Model'''.

The 46-year-old star - who created the long-running series - has revealed she's been busily working on making the ''highly self-deprecating'' show, as well as other TV projects.

She shared: ''We have some huge game show ideas, as well as strong scripted content. There's a project that's actually a spoof of 'America's Next Top Model', but it's scripted and highly self-deprecating.

''People are like, 'You're okay to make fun of yourself like that?' And I say, 'That was a character.' We have beautiful cartoon [ideas] because I see it as huge business. And we have a big project with my mom too.''

Tyra - who is set to host the new series of 'Dancing with the Stars' - has also teased details of what fans can expect from her deal with ABC Signature Studios.

Speaking about her TV ambitions, she told Glamour magazine: ''We've got to be flashy, we've got to stand out, because there's so much good TV right now. We have to be unafraid.

''After our deal was signed, one of the scripted-programming executives said, 'Wow, you're wanting to make some noise! You want to make some change in the world but you also want to make people laugh. You guys are not trying to be safe. I love it!' That just touched me.

''[My team is] an all female crew and we sit around the table and we beat an idea over and over and over again [until it's ready to present].

''We will do seven decks on one show idea because I'm like, 'We need to add an idea, we need to twist it, flip it, make it louder, make it flashier.' So for us to deliver that and get that kind of feedback, it's like, 'Oh my God, it's working.'''