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23rd November 2016

Fact: Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson has installed his own full service laundromat at his Hollywood mansion so he can take care of all of his washing and dry cleaning needs at home. The Furious 7 star already boasts his own hibachi restaurant in his backyard and an outdoor theatre.

27th June 2016

Quote: "It's not easy moving forward without him and we feel his energy every day. His trailer used to be parked next to mine. So, every time I step out of my trailer, it's always rough." Tyrese Gibson is still struggling with the death of his Fast & Furious franchise co-star Paul Walker as he shoots the latest movie Fast 8. Walker died in a car crash in 2013.

19th January 2016

Quote: "There is no joke you can crack to ever change the way we all feel." Furious 7 star Tyrese Gibson urges Chris Rock to quit as the host of the Oscars after voters chose not to honour any African-Americans with nominations in the top acting categories.

18th June 2015

Quote: "In America, as long as you believe, you can do whatever you want... I wanted the world to know... I decided that I'm a white man; that's who I identify with. Just to think last week I was tanning, trying to get a little more tone..." FAST & FURIOUS star Tyrese Gibson pokes fun at disgraced former National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) leader Rachel Dolezal who was forced to give up her post recently after falsely identifying as a black woman.

15th May 2015

Fact: Johnny Gill and Tyrese Gibson were among the soulful stars who helped Stevie Wonder celebrate his 65th birthday at The Attic in Hollywood on Wednesday night (13May15). Sources tell TMZ.com the soul man was told he would be recording new music and he was stunned when he heard the cheers of family members and friends as he walked into the venue and took to the stage for a star-studded jam session.

14th April 2015

Quote: "She had nothing but love. She said we checked all the boxes. She was very proud of the way we went about closing out this chapter." Paul Walker's daughter Meadow told the tragic actor's pal and Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson she was pleased with the tribute to her father at the end of Furious 7 - the film he was shooting when he died in 2013.

7th April 2015

Quote: "My hero of all-time is still Denzel 'cos Denzel don't blink... and it makes everything that more intense. I would also like to see Matt Damon. We'll see what happens." Tyrese Gibson on the actors he'd like to see in the next Fast & Furious film.

27th March 2015

Quote: "I got a message from Paul that I have to be who I normally am, which is the positive reinforcement to support and pray and be there to step in and do any means (sic) that's necessary to to pull the energy back up." Tyrese Gibson claims his late pal Paul Walker sent him a message from beyond the grave, urging him to stay confident following the actor's car crash death in 2013.

25th March 2015

Quote: "The Wakey Wakey is a large hot chocolate with three espresso shots and four pumps of hazelnut (syrup)." Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson relies on an early morning chocolate drink to wake himself up.

24th March 2015

Quote: "Me and Paul were finding out that we were hanging out with the same girls and we didn't know it - it happened a couple of times!" Actor Tyrese Gibson on his friendship with late FAST & FURIOUS co-star Paul Walker.

26th January 2015

Tweet: "I am fully committed to suiting up for this adventure - @Tyrese #GL In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!!!" Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson has put himself forward for the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

4th January 2015

Fact: Rap veteran Snoop Dogg treated singer/actor Tyrese Gibson to a birthday surprise recently by recruiting a bevvy of scantily-clad women to dance for him on the set of a new music video. Film footage of the celebrations shows one of the bikini models bringing the Fast & Furious star a cake to mark turning 36 last Tuesday (30Dec14).

30th December 2014

Tweet: "Happy Bday to My Brother @tyrese today! I'm thankful to call u a brother and a true friend!" Rapper/actor Ludacris salutes his Fast & Furious franchise co-star Tyrese Gibson on his 36th birthday on Tuesday (30Dec14).

25th March 2014

Quote: "I love classy, sophisticated women. I love women that are comfortable in their own skin. I love women that are still in tune with their femininity... I love a woman that still likes to get their hair and nails done... the girly stuff, sun dresses. I like a little wiggle in the back... I'm only looking to introduce my daughter to one woman outside of her mother." Single actor/singer Tyrese Gibson lists what he's looking for in a partner.

21st March 2014

Quote: "Before we start filming we are going to have a strong prayer. That will be the start, before we film anything. That's what is needed for us to do Fast & Furious 7." Tyrese Gibson prepares to get back to work on the latest Fast & Furious sequel after the film was stalled following the death of Paul Walker in November (13).

6th January 2014

Fact: Actors Will Smith and Tyrese Gibson reached new heights during a visit to Dubai over the weekend (04-05Jan14) when they went indoor skydiving with the country's Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

23rd May 2013

Quote: "They got this thing about minute men, and when you're a minute man, women get mad, but it's actually a compliment because if you're in the bed for, like, 45 minutes and nothing is happening, you should get your life together." Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson insists quickie sex is underrated.

30th December 2011

Tweet: "Happy Birthday @Tyrese! You are truly a blessing and an inspiration too all! Thank you for living your purpose! I love you best friend!!!" R&B star Brandy celebrates her singer/actor pal Tyrese Gibson's 33rd birthday on Friday (30Dec11).

21st May 2009

Fact: Transformers star Tyrese Gibson was pulled over by traffic police in Hollywood on Monday night (18May09) after failing to display the licence plates on his Maserati, reports TMZ.com.

31st March 2009

Fact: Rapper Busta Rhymes called in an all-star cast for his new video RESPECT MY CONGLOMERATE - the promo features appearances by hip-hop stars Lil Wayne, Raekwon and Jadakiss, and actors Idris Elba, Tyrese Gibson and CSI: MIAMI star Adam Rodriguez.

29th June 2007

Quote: "I give great advice... I have information on how to get you through whatever you may be going through... I'm not Jesus, but I have very valuable information." 2 Fast 2 Furious star Tyrese Gibson insists he gives great advice.

23rd May 2007

Fact: R+B singer/actor Tyrese Gibson has teamed up with singer Ginuwine and Tank to form supergroup TGT.

20th January 2006

Fact: <p>Movie stars Terrence Howard, James Franco, Tyrese Gibson and Chris Evans have topped a new list of hunky guys. The quartet join US TV stars Josh Holloway, Josh Duhamel and Bradley Cooper on glossy magazine In Style's new 7 Red Hot Guys. </p>

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