The band's gig at the Ericsson Globe was called off at the last minute and the arena was evacuated amid fears a man with a gun had been let into the venue.

Subsequent reports suggested the scare was triggered by an off-duty police officer who had accidentally brought his weapon to the gig.

The band returned to the stage at the arena on Monday night (21Sep15) just 24 hours after the evacuation, and Bono took the opportunity to publicly thank the police officers for their diligence in clearing the venue.

According to local news outlet,, he told the audience, "We are very pleased to be here in the city of Stockholm and actually do a show. You may have heard about the security problem yesterday. And I must say that our audience took it brilliantly, and the police as well. Police were everywhere. It's usually not a good thing that the police are everywhere. But last night, it felt like a great thing. So we have a message for them: Thank you for being cautious. Thank you for taking care of the audience and the band. It was difficult to set up yesterday but it was the right thing to do. And guess what? We may be here an extra day."

The band has scheduled an extra date at the venue for Tuesday (22Sep15) to make up for the axed show.