The Irish rocker, a keen philanthropist, held talks with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as well as other politicians and leaders of non-governmental organisations during a day of meetings in Ottawa in an attempt to push the country's investment in foreign aid.

Bono also visited the Canadian Parliament to observe a policy discussion.

According to CTV News, Bono told reporters, "I actually want to thank Canada for its generosity, particularly to vulnerable women and children (in developing countries)... It's amazing work that you're doing... Of course, we'd like you to do more... If you ask any leader, I'm the person who is always asking for more. But I think it's important right now to say thank you for what you're doing."

Michael Messenger, president of children's charity World Vision Canada, says, "It's my hope that Bono's visit will boost Canadian awareness and engagement on international development priorities".

Bono's international organisation ONE aims to raise awareness of problems including extreme poverty and diseases in places such as Africa.