U2 are gearing up to debut new song 'Invisible' at next weekend's Super Bowl, which will lead into the Irish rock band's 13th studio album. The track will appear on a commercial played during the sports match airing in conjunction with the Bank of America and Bono's charitable Red campaign.

U2 Are Preparing To Debut 'Invisible' At Next Weekend's Super Bowl.

After the commercial has aired, fans will have 24 hours to download 'Invisible' for free via iTunes with Bank of America pledging to donate $1 (60p) to the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria each time the song is downloaded. During that time window, the bank have agreed to donate up to $2m (£1.2m) despite Fox Sports allegedly charging advertisers around $4m (£2.4) for each 30-second commercial.

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The Band Hope That Downloads Of The Track Will Create A Sizeable Charity Donation.

"[This is] the kind of game-changing influence that will not just deliver millions of dollars but raise consciousness and keep public pressure on putting an end to this devastating pandemic," Bono said in a statement, via The Guardian. The lead singer described the bank's commitment as "Incredible."

Bank of America have pledged to generate more than $10m (£6m) altogether, as well as inviting the public to donate too. The American football game's 120m viewers represent a sizeable pool of potential donors and it is hoped that as many of them will download the track or donate to the extremely worthy cause.

Philanthropic Bono Is The Driving Force Behind Next Weekend's Charitable Single Release.

Once it has been played next weekend, 'Invisible' will become the second track to be released from the band's new album, which is believed to have been produced by Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse. The first track, 'Ordinary Love,' was premiered in the Nelson Mandela biopic, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and received an Oscar nomination.