U2 Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

11th January 2017

Fact: U2, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd are set to headline the 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Lorde, the xx, Travis Scott and Major Lazer are also due to perform. The event runs from 8 to 11 June (17).

25th July 2016

Fact: Drake, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Usher and U2 were announced as part of the line-up at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday (25Jul16). The event will take place in the city's T-Mobile Arena, on 23 and 24 September (16) and will also feature performances from Pitbull and British rockers Tears For Fears.

30th October 2015

Fact: Irish rockers U2 added another celebrity guest to their London residency by performing with veteran musician Patti Smith during their show at the city's O2 Arena on Thursday night (29Oct15). They performed with former Oasis star Noel Gallagher earlier in the week.

27th October 2015

Fact: British rocker Noel Gallagher joined Irish stars U2 onstage at London's O2 Arena on Monday night (26Oct15) to perform I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For followed by The Beatles' All You Need Is Love.

30th July 2015

Fact: Irish rockers U2 are set to take fans behind the scenes of their current iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE world tour in a new TV documentary, produced and directed by An Inconvenient Truth filmmaker Davis Guggenheim. The show will air on America's HBO network on 7 November (15), while devotees will also get to watch the stars in a Live in Paris Concert Special on 14 November (15).

7th July 2015

Fact: Rockers U2 gave a local covers band a huge boost during their show in Toronto, Canada on Monday night (06Jul15), by inviting the group members up onstage. Tribute act Acrobat, led by Gabrielvox, joined Bono and company for a performance of Desire. The cover act's guitarist, U2 superfan Mark Baker, also joined the band onstage in Montreal during their Innocence + Experience World Tour.

29th May 2015

Quote: "The reviews have been amazing. It also shows that the Apple experiment really worked for us because we've had a younger audience who know all these tunes and they've been listening to them a lot. That is a thrill for us." Irish rocker Bono is convinced U2's controversial release of album SONGS OF INNOCENCE was a success because it broadened their appeal. The band came under fire for teaming up with tech giant Apple to offer iTunes customers a free download of the disc last year (14).

21st January 2011

Quote: "These are my superpowers... When I look through these glasses every problem is solvable; I'm tall... I can't let them go." U2 star Bono on his trademark sunglasses.

14th January 2011

Fact: U2 record producer Steve Lillywhite has been drafted in to work on Broadway's troubled Spider-Man musical. SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK features a scored written by Bono and The Edge.

28th December 2010

Fact: U2 rocker Bono braved the cold on Christmas Eve (24Dec10) to perform with singer/songwriters Damien Rice and Glen Hansard on the streets of Dublin, Ireland. The trio thrilled onlookers on Grafton Street with their performance, and donated their tips to a local homeless charity.

22nd December 2010

Quote: "I know I can be a pain in the a**e. I have an annoying gene; it's in my DNA - I even annoy myself. When righteous anger turns to self-righteous, projectile vomit is the right response." U2 rocker Bono admits he's irritating.

7th December 2010

Quote: "Just being around Bono and the guys is inspiring. It's like how a government should be. Bono for president of the world, I say." WILL.I.AM is convinced U2 frontman BONO should rule the world.

5th December 2010

Fact: U2 were in the studio with producer MARTIN HANNETT the day JOY DIVISION were recording LOVE WILL TEAR US APART.

29th November 2010

Quote: "I'm a bit superstitious, so if I have a new house, this is always the first song I play there." Coldplay star Chris Martin on U2's A SORT OF HOMECOMING.

22nd September 2010

Quote: "Would I want the pressure of being a big cheese on a stadium tour? I see what happens to U2 and who would want that?" Robert Plant isn't keen on reforming Led Zeppelin for a world tour - because U2's efforts have put him off.

10th September 2010

Quote: "A school production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was where I first found my voice." U2 star Bono insists it should be no big surprise he and bandmate The Edge have penned the score for the new Spider-Man stage musical.

10th September 2010

Quote: "We’ve been on the receiving end of some cynicism from the Broadway media establishment, but really, who can blame them?" U2 star The Edge understands the negative remarks he and bandmate Bono have received for scoring Julie Taymor's new Spider-Man musical.

27th August 2010

Fact: Bono refused to let a torrential storm ruin U2's open-air gig in Moscow, Russia this week (beg23Aug10) - the rockers cheered up fans by performing an impromptu version of SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.

14th July 2010

Quote: "I can sit. I can stand. I can move around a bit. Feeling strong, feeling confident. I’m ready - rebuilt by German engineering, better design I’m told." U2 star Bono insists he's ready to rock again after recent back surgery, which forced the group to scrap U.S. shows and a headlining spot at the Glastonbury festival. The band will return to the road in Turin, Italy on 6 August (10).

26th May 2010

Quote: "I spoke to Bono a few hours after he came out of the operation, but he was not making any sense. I can tell you, whatever he was on... But he didn't remember any of the conversation, which is a shame because he promised me his car and various other valuables, a few paintings." U2 rocker The Edge jokes about his first chat with bandmate BONO following his emergency back surgery on Friday (21May10).

26th May 2010

Quote: "I was joking that this will probably be the most rest he's had in decades." U2 rocker The Edge is convinced Bono will benefit from the imposed two-month break following his back surgery.

26th May 2010

Fact: U2 frontman Bono was extra disappointed to have to cancel the band's appearance at Britain's legendary Glastonbury festival following his back surgery - because they wrote a new song especially for the event.

4th May 2010

Quote: "The fans downloading for free are responsible for killing the next Kiss, U2 or The Beatles. It destroys hope." KISS rocker Gene Simmons is disgusted by illegal file-sharing on the internet.

30th April 2010

Quote: "There are things I've said that maybe made Bono worse and more like the showman... He obviously isn't a buffoon. He's a clever bloke and he's written some good tunes - nothing with any profundity, I don't think - but some decent melodies... (and) he's got at least one more private jet than me." ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN star Ian Mcculloch on his decades-long feud with the U2 frontman.

12th April 2010

Quote: "Bono’s a performer pretty much like I am. He’s not a dancer; he’s not jumping around. He’s having a conversation. He’s using his stillness as movement." JAY-Z likens himself to U2 star BONO onstage.

16th March 2010

Fact: Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis is courting rap superstar Snoop Dogg to headline this summer's (10) event following the success of JAY-Z's set at the 2008 concert. U2, Muse and Stevie Wonder currently share top billing at the U.K.'s traditionally rock 'n' roll festival in June (10).

15th March 2010

Quote: "I was backstage all day spotting U2, no way would I have the guts to approach them. Then I got back to my dressing room and there was a note saying, 'Come and say hello to your fanclub - love U2.' I've since had that note framed." Scottish singer Amy Macdonald on meeting the Irish rockers at an awards show in Germany.

25th February 2010

Quote: "If I was BONO I'd be driving around Dublin in a chariot with a laurel leaf crown." Colin Farrell would love to be a rocker like the U2 star.

12th February 2010

Fact: Soul legend Stevie Wonder has been confirmed to close England's Glastonbury Festival this summer (10). Irish rockers U2 will headline the opening night on 25 June (10), while British rockers Muse will be the big draw on 26 June (10), before Wonder brings the annual event to an end on 27 June (10).

28th December 2009

Fact: U2 star Bono hit the streets of Dublin, Ireland on Christmas Eve (24Dec09) to busk with singer/songwriters Damien Rice and Glen Hansard. The Irish trio stunned shoppers on Grafton Street with their tunes and donated tips to a local homeless charity.

10th December 2009

Quote: "It's simply about the single. It was too spongy for the rock audience. We may have just misfired with our audience." U2 star Bono wasn't happy with the band's recent track GET ON YOUR BOOTS.

10th December 2009

Quote: "He was a big lad. They were builder's hands Michael Jackson had." U2 star Bono on the late King of Pop.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I wouldn't exist as a singer without Joey Ramone. Blame him. When we were 17, if our songs were tanking, U2 used to play Ramones songs and pretend they were ours." Bono pays tribute to The Ramones.

23rd November 2009

Fact: Rock superstars U2 will headline the 40th anniversary of Britain's Glastonbury Festival next year (10) - marking the Irish band's first ever appearance at the iconic music event. Bruce Springsteen made his Glastonbury debut when he hit the stage this summer (09).

27th October 2009

Fact: More than 2.5 million U2 fans hit the web to watch the rockers' Pasadena Rose Bowl concert YouTube.com on Sunday (26Oct09).

26th October 2009

Quote: "We’ve broken a lot of attendance records, usually ones we’ve set ourselves." U2 manager PAUL MCGUINNESS on the huge demand for tickets to see the band on their 360 tour. The show will set attendance records at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on Sunday night (25Oct09), when 95,000 people are expected to turn up for the show.

26th October 2009

Fact: Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Paris Hilton and Cindy Crawford were among the celebrities who joined 96,000 fans for U2's record-breaking concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Sunday night (25Oct09).

26th October 2009

Fact: Slash joined the Black Eyed Peas for a rendition of GUNS N' ROSES anthem SWEET CHILD O' MINE prior to U2's record-breaking concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on Sunday night (25Oct09).

20th October 2009

Fact: U2's concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in California on 25 October (09) will be streamed live on the internet via YouTube.

19th October 2009

Quote: "Not only is he an amazing singer and artist, but he dedicates his life to helping the less fortunate and to saving lives. He is such an inspiration to me as a philanthropist." Paris Hilton admires U2 frontman Bono.

19th October 2009

Fact: U2's upcoming show at Pasadena, California's Rose Bowl will be the biggest ever gig at the famous venue - more than 96,000 fans are expected to attend the sold out concert on 25 October (09).

15th October 2009

Fact: Bruce Springsteen, U2 stars Bono and The Edge and Sheryl Crow will be among the guests joining Elvis Costello for the second season of his Spectacle: Elvis Costello With... TV show, which debuts in December (09).

7th October 2009

Quote: "We're actually at the limit, the absolute limit, when you consider the economics and the practicality of transportation. We're really as big as we could get." Rocker The Edge insists U2's current world tour is the biggest spectacle the band could pull off.

6th October 2009

Fact: SINEAD O'CONNOR has recorded new vocals for live renditions of U2's YOUR BLUE ROOM tune from their 1995 Passengers album.

21st September 2009

Quote: "We've got a few albums up our sleeves. We've got a whole album we started with (record producer) Rick Rubin, which is a rocking club album with beats and big guitars, and I can't wait to get back to that." U2 rocker Bono can't wait to release new material.

18th September 2009

Fact: Oasis are set to battle it out against rival Britpop group Blur at the forthcoming Q Awards, despite announcing their split last month (Aug09). The WONDERWALL hitmakers will go head-to-head with the PARKLIFE stars for the Best Live Act honour, alongside U2, Arctic Monkeys, THE Prodigy, Kasabian and Take That.

18th September 2009

Fact: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bosses have lined-up an all-star list of honourees including Bruce Springsteen, U2, Stevie Wonder, Metallica and Aretha Franklin to perform at the organisation's 25th anniversary concert in New York next month (Oct09).

16th September 2009

Fact: Scarlett Johansson, U2 and Courtney Love are to team up at AIDS benefit (Red)Nights in New York next month (04Oct09).

14th September 2009

Quote: "All you need is love - and a spaceship." Bono opened U2's North America tour with a futuristic Beatles message in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday night (13Sep09).

31st August 2009

Quote: "Some people have said, 'You sound like The Edge.' I really hate it when people say that." Kings Of Leon guitarist MATTHEW FOLLOWILL is not impressed when he is compared to the U2 star.

31st August 2009

Fact: DAME VERA LYNN has become the oldest living artist ever to appear in the U.K.'s top 20 album chart. The 92 year old's WE'LL MEET AGAIN - THE VERY BEST OF VERA LYNN beat off competition from the likes of U2 and Blur to score the number 20 slot - 70 years after her Second World War heyday.

20th August 2009

Quote: "She's the greatest actor of her generation, she's the one to watch. She happens to sing like a bird, it's like a true voice. She's a very pure spirit and a very bright mind." U2 frontman Bono is convinced Evan Rachel Wood, who will sing his songs in the upcoming Spider-Man musical, is a true talent.

13th August 2009

Quote: "I'm acutely aware of what ADAM (CLAYTON), LARRY (MULLEN, JR.) and Bono are doing, whether or not we catch each other's eyes. It's like some sort of dance. There's an element of which is much more mysterious, which is the way the magic happens to be working that night. And you're only a small part of that." U2 bassist The Edge feels there is a higher power at work during the band's performances.

1st July 2009

Fact: Irish rockers U2 dedicated the song ANGEL OF HARLEM to the late Michael Jackson as they kicked off their 2009 world tour in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday (30Jun09).

26th May 2009

Quote: "Bono has a huge heart and he's affectionate. In fact, we want to do something together in the future." Beyonce is planning to duet with the U2 frontman.

5th May 2009

Fact: U2 frontman Bono has recorded a 14-minute poem he wrote about Elvis Presley. The epic recital will be broadcast on British radio next week (beg11May09).

5th May 2009

Fact: U2 star Bono recently interviewed George Clooney for a CNN news special. The rocker asked the politically-motivated movie star if he'd ever truly considered running for office, to which Clooney replied, "I thought about it years ago."

17th April 2009

Quote: "I didn't really like U2's records. I used to make ashtrays out of them. You could melt the vinyl over the cooker." SINEAD O'CONNOR thinks up new uses for albums from Bono's band.

31st March 2009

Fact: U2 will set single-day concert attendance records in three cities when their 360° Tour rolls through New Jersey, Chicago and Boston this year (09). Fox Business reports the Irish rockers have been forced to add extra dates in the three cities after selling 220,000 tickets to three shows in minutes on Monday (30Mar09).

19th March 2009

Quote: "I got trashed in the U2 dressing room. I had my pants around my ankles and I was holding a f**king wheel of cheese. I turn around and look, and its the drummer from U2, who just invited me to the f**king show." Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl on his unfortunate first meeting with LARRY MULLEN.

10th March 2009

Quote: "We spend a lot of time trying to hold Bono back from doing the maddest things possible. I just don't understand where he gets the energy." U2 star LARRY MULLEN on his bandmate's crazy ideas.

10th March 2009

Quote: "There's no doubt about the fact that I have a wild streak and I'd be very capable of setting fire to myself. So, you know, I don't go to church for the view." U2 star Bono admits his faith steers him away from drug and alcohol abuse.

5th March 2009

Quote: "What hes listening for is a unique feeling, a unique mood and a unique palate. And he doesnt get hits. I bet he told Coldplay to leave VIVA LA VIDA off their album. Brian would listen to (I CANT GET NO) SATISFACTION and say, 'I love that song, but can we get rid of the guitar bits?'" U2 star Bono on working with cerebral super-producer Brian Eno.

5th March 2009

Quote: "Itll be a monster, cause its the most accessible music weve probably ever written. It could be our (rock opera) TOMMY. We could do it with guest stars and everything." U2 star Bono hopes to turn the music he and bandmate The Edge have created for Broadway's new Spider-Man musical into a concept album and live show.

3rd March 2009

Fact: Irish rockers U2 have confirmed they are to release two albums in 2009. New record NO LINE ON THE HORIZON will be followed up with a "more meditative" disc from the same 2008 studio sessions.

28th February 2009

Quote: "Bono's been very dedicated to getting that wine and cigarettes effect his vocal. He's really selfless like that." U2 guitarist The Edge reveals frontman BONO's performance preparation.

28th February 2009

Quote: "I know lots of people who love music want us to play that. It's something we're working up our whole life to do. I think that we can commit that we really, really want to do this." U2 frontman Bono is desperate to headline legendary British music festival Glastonbury this summer (09).

25th February 2009

Fact: Evan Rachel Wood will take her first bow as Spider-Man's love interest MARY JANE WATSON in the Broadway debut of new musical SPIDER-MAN, TURN OFF THE DARK when previews begin next January (10). Casting and design issues held up the production of the $31.3 million (£21.7 million) for months, which features music and lyrics by U2's Bono and The Edge.

24th February 2009

Quote: "One of the things we like about rock 'n' roll is the genuine religiosity. And genuinely people do want you to die on a cross age 33, with a Jack Daniels in your hand. Our job is in part to de-rail a mythology that isn't helpful to music or musicians." U2 frontman Bono believes fans would love him more if he was dead.

18th February 2009

Quote: I hear the gift bags are much better at The Brits. I cant wait to see U2 and Coldplay perform. I want to see if our sound stands up to the big boys. If Bono gives me the evil eye during our performance, hes in trouble. Kings Of Leon drummer NATHAN FOLLOWILL on performing at the Brit Awards in London on Wednesday (18Feb09) night.

12th February 2009

Fact: Rockers U2 are to appear on U.S. chatshow host David Letterman's LATE SHOW for a full week to promote their upcoming album NO LINE ON THE HORIZON. The Irish group will be Letterman's musical guest each night from 2 to 6 March (09) - becoming the first artists to ever perform on the show for a full week.

3rd February 2009

Quote: "I don't understand the lack of ambition out there. There's no fantasy. U2 are like f**king Liberace compared with what's coming out now... Everyone knows it's a difficult time to sell records. Not enough people are taking that as a challenge." The Killers' Brandon Flowers attacks bands who lack drive and shun the spotlight.

20th January 2009

Quote: "What a gig for us to play. I've asked if we can play every Monday night there; that would be something... Just to stand and look down on that crowd was an unbelievable experience... It's a big deal for our band." Bono still can't believe U2 were asked to perform at Barack Obama's pre-inauguration concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Sunday (18Jan09).

14th January 2009

Fact: Famed British rock venue the LONDON ASTORIA will close its doors for the last time on Wednesday (14Jan09) after 32 years. The 2,000 capacity venue, which has hosted legendary shows by the Rolling Stones, U2, Nirvana, Metallica, and Pearl Jam, will be bulldozed to make way for a new rail link after a massive public campaign to save it failed.

12th January 2009

Fact: Rock legends U2 will debut their new single GET ON YOUR BOOTS live at the 2009 Brit Awards ceremony at London's Earls Court on 18 February (09).

19th December 2008

Fact: U2's first album in five years, No Line on the Horizon, will hit stores on 2 March (08), the Irish rockers have revealed.

23rd October 2008

Fact: Rocker Bono has been invited to write a regular column for the New York Times newspaper in 2009, while he tours with U2.

6th October 2008

Quote: "I don't think we're the greatest band in the world; U2 are on holiday." Coldplay frontman Chris Martin jokes about being named Best Act In The World Today at the Q Awards in London on Monday (06Oct08).

24th September 2008

Fact: U2 rocker Bono is writing a blog for British newspaper The Financial Times from the Millennium Development Goals summit in New York. The star has penned a column on Africa's need for help from Europe and details a recent meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

17th September 2008

Quote: "I'll play at one in the afternoon, in a parking lot in Ireland. I don't give a s**t. As long as I can do that." Metallica star Lars Ulrich is desperate to collaborate with U2.

28th August 2008

Fact: A Los Angeles theatre troupe has married SHAKESPEARE with U2 for a quirky new musical, based on the Bard's AS YOU LIKE IT. AS U2 LIKE IT is currently a hit at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank.

5th August 2008

Quote: "If you start from the pseudo British accent and the little reported fact that the singer sounds like a girl, things don't look too promising... You do want to give the singer a slap for lots of reasons, but let's start with the pretentiousness." Bono responds to a Rolling Stone magazine review about the reissue of U2's BOY album with his own thoughts.

1st August 2008

Fact: An internet campaign has been started urging U2 frontman Bono to "retire from public life". The online petition has so far raised $390 (GBP195) - all the money will be given to charity if the singer agrees to step out of the public eye.

15th July 2008

Quote: "What is the difference between God and Bono? God doesn't wander down Grafton street (Dublin's fashionable boulevard) thinking he's BONO." Music producer and The X Factor judge Louis Walsh makes a crack at U2 frontman BONO.

2nd July 2008

Fact: A painting which hung in U2's Dublin, Ireland recording studio for 19 years has been sold for $10 million (GBP5 million). The band sold the work by late New York artist JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT at an auction in London on Tuesday (01Jul08).

10th April 2008

Quote: "You would think Bono has enough money to fix whatever is going on in Africa. But apparently, he only has half." Comedian Rob Schneider encouraged viewers to donate on American Idol charity special IDOL GIVES BACK on Wednesday (09Apr08) - insisting even the U2 frontman isn't rich enough to solve world crises.

25th February 2008

Quote: "Getting a text from Bono is one of the biggest things that can happen to an Irishman. (He's) the chieftain of our country." Best Song Oscar winner GLEN HANSARD on receiving a text message from the U2 rocker immediately after claiming gold at the Academy Awards on Sunday (24Feb08).

7th February 2008

Quote: "U2 are older than us by a little bit. Madonna's career started later, (but) she's a little older than me." Duran Duran star NICK RHODES insists the band aren't the oldest rockers in the music industry.

21st January 2008

Quote: "Irish people are essentially Latin people who don't know how to dance." U2 frontman Bono insists his fellow countrymen have a lot in common with their South American counterparts.

6th December 2007

Quote: "Most people will say a person can't be that nice, but Bono truly is." Hip-hop soul queen MARY J. BLIGE insists U2 rocker BONO lives up to his nice guy persona.

2nd November 2007

Quote: "I'm a lippy Irish rock star, and I'm more used to putting my foot in my mouth than my fist." U2 star and world activist BONO.

31st October 2007

Fact: U2 rocker Bono is auctioning his motorbike in a bid to raise money for healthcare workers in Africa. The bike's previous owner was late Inxs singer Michael Hutchence.

29th October 2007

Quote: "The band supports my work - they just wish I would stick to singing rather than talking." U2 singer Bono on his fellow band members' opinions of his philanthropic work.

21st August 2007

Fact: Campaigner Bono has been turned into Jesus Christ in a new sculptor by artist DANIEL EDWARDS in which the U2 singer wears a long white robe, while a starving African child gazes up at him.

2nd August 2007

Fact: Headgear fan and U2 guitarist The Edge currently owns 375 hats, and "14 or 15 bandannas".

31st July 2007

Quote: "I can't tell, from just listening, the difference between Coldplay and U2. They sound the same." Veteran rocker Eric Clapton doesn't think much of the British and Irish music scene.

28th May 2007

Fact: U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton is calling on YouTube users to vote for their favourite song to lead her presidential campaign. Among the top five are tracks by the likes of U2, Shania Twain, and K.T. Tunstall.

22nd March 2007

Quote: "You can think you're a rock star until you get on U2's plane and see how much bigger their security guards are than your security guards." Kings Of Leon star CALEB FOLLOWILL on the reality check of supporting U2 on tour.

27th February 2007

Quote: "I'm looking forward to playing all the new places on this tour. I'm sick of talking to Bono and he telling me all the places that U2 have played that we haven't done. That's why we're doing this tour." Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler looks forward to performing in Dubai for the first time this summer (06).

3rd January 2007

Quote: "We're gonna continue to be a band. But maybe the rock will have to go." Frontman Bono considers U2's future.

2nd December 2006

Quote: "If you were normal or if you were straight up, a self-confident character, why would you wanna be in a band. You'd wanna get a job in an insurance company... where rational people make rational decisions." U2 frontman Bono insists all rock stars are damaged goods.

29th November 2006

Quote: "We'd carry their suitcases but, deep down, I think we have them on the run." U2 star Bono slyly boasts his band is almost as good as his heroes THE BEATLES.

28th November 2006

Quote: "The great artists, they own a colour - with VAN GOGH it was yellow, with MATISSE it was yellow and a blue. Very few artists own their own tone. He does... There's a colour that we've seen through his guitar playing that didn't exist before he played." Bono has high praise for U2 bandmate THE EDGE.

28th November 2006

Quote: "They're the only band in the world I wouldn't have walked on after." U2 star Bono insists he could never have headlined over THE CLASH.

7th November 2006

Fact: U2 star Bono's 'Red' campaign has been a huge hit - more than 15 million pregnant women in Africa can now get treatment to prevent the transmission of HIV to their unborn children thanks to the money raised by the sales of red merchandise at The Gap, Apple and Giorgio Armani stores.

1st November 2006

Fact: U2 will next year (07) release a 3-D movie recorded on the South African leg of their Vertigo world tour in February and March 2006.

18th October 2006

Fact: Irish supergroup U2 are to host an online scavenger hunt next Monday (23OCT06), on the band's official website U2.com. Hunt The Lyric will see fans of the band have two weeks to search for U2 lyric snippets on a host of web sites, with one lucky winner walking away with an all-expenses trip to Hawaii.

27th September 2006

Quote: "When there's a disaster, it's like, 'Call U2.'" Rocker Bono accepts he and his group are disaster relief experts.

27th September 2006

Quote: "When there's a disaster, it's like, 'Call U2.'" Rocker Bono accepts he and his group are disaster relief experts.

19th September 2006

Fact: Hip-hop mogul Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter has become just the third African-American to make it onto this year's (06) Vanity Fair Annual New Establishment Power List. The rapper ranks number 46, behind Oprah Winfrey (9) and RICHARD PARSONS of Time Warner (11). Carter is also one of three musical artists that made the list, along with U2 frontman Bono (24) and Rolling Stones star SIR Mick Jagger (56).