Uma Thurman's new movie 'Motherhood' took in just £88 on its UK debut weekend.

The actress - who stars as a harassed Manhattan mother-of-two in the comedy directed by Katherine Dieckmann - will be disappointed to hear her latest project, which was screened for three days at London's Apollo Piccadilly Circus, the only cinema to show the film, was received so poorly.

The film's total takings for last Sunday (07.03.10) were £9, which meant only one person paid to watch it on that day.

The movie, which is due to be released on DVD today (10.03.10), was also a box-office flop in the US, with only £33,448 takings at 48 venues when it opened last October.

The 39-year-old star - who has two children, Maya, 11, and Levon, seven, from her first marriage to actor Ethan Hawke, who she divorced in 2004 - previously spoke about how she found it easy to get into character for the role because she understood how hard it can be to define yourself once you have become a parent.

She said: "Well, her circumstances are different, but her concerns are the same as mine. Trying to be true to yourself as an individual and as a woman and be a loving mother and grow and find yourself - that's the kind of thing we all deal with. I thought that was really universal."