Una Healy considered a career as a make-up artist.

The 38-year-old singer used to do her own male-up when she was in The Saturdays and enjoyed it so much that she thought about turning to a full-time job in beauty.

Speaking on Instagram Live, she said: ''When I was in the band we had to do our own make-up for quite a lot of gigs, so I got used to it over the years. I even thought about being a make-up artist at one point.

''I always put a little bit of make-up on every day and I was wearing less and less as lockdown went on, but I've missed doing the 'going out' make-up. I'm ready to come back again with the full glam!''

Meanwhile, Una previously revealed she loves experimenting with make-up but struggles to find a suitable foundation as she often switches between wearing fake tan and going natural.

She said: ''I find it very very difficult to get a shade that's right and because I go from fake tan to no tan, I've got a few dark shades and a few light ones and I mixed them depending on my tan level.

''I love Ingot, I got sent a goodie bag of stuff and it's lovely. I love shimmer. They have a really nice foundation - the HD foundation, I got a couple of shades so I've been mixing them, and they are really nice.''

And Una is also passionate about her skin-care regime, explaining: ''I like a foaming face wash and something to cleanse, once a week I exfoliate as well.

''I mix and match products, but a nice face wash, literally just Simple face wash or something like that, any of the plain ones are what I go for.''