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Uri Geller's Spoon Bending Stopped School Bullies

Uri Geller saved his children from school bullies by bending a spoon in front of their awe-struck classmates. The 68-year-old star has admitted his children, Daniel, 32, and Natalie, 31 - who he has with...

Uri Geller Regrets Probing Michael Jackson Over Child Abuse Scandal

Psychic Uri Geller regrets asking his pal Michael Jackson about child abuse allegations after hypnotising him, branding his own behaviour unethical.The spoon-bending star was close friends with the King of Pop in the 1990s and...

Robin Gibb's Funeral Takes Place

Robin Gibb's funeral took place in his hometown of Thame, Oxfordshire, today (08.06.12).The Bee Gees singer - who died last month aged 62 after a long period of ill health - arrived for the private...

Geller Sues Over Jackson Claims

URI GELLER is taking legal action against a leading American news channel over an interview with MICHAEL JACKSONs former dermatologist - he wants an apology following the medic's "false and unfounded" allegations about the psychic's...

Michael Jackson's Peter Pan Tears

Michael Jackson begged to play Peter Pan in a London musical.The 'Thriller' star - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest last month - became overwhelmed with emotion when he met theatre director Sir Trevor...

Michael Jackson's Cloning Plan

Michael Jackson was desperate to clone himself.The 'King of Pop' reportedly became "obsessed" with the idea of creating a "mini-version of himself" after attending a conference on human cloning with spoon bending psychic Uri Geller...

Michael Jackson Stressed By Tour?

Michael Jackson's friend Uri Geller fears the stress of preparing for his comeback tour became too much.Uri is "devastated" by the death of the 50-year-old pop icon - who passed away after suffering a reported...

Geller Suits Up For Grabs On Ebay

Paranormalist URI GELLER is selling off his old suits on online auction site eBay in a bid to raise cash for his Charitable Foundation. The celebrity spoon-bender was hoping to net a fortune from his...

Uri Geller Reveals Lennon's Alien Encounter

JOHN LENNON died thinking aliens exist, according to the late BEATLE's psychic friend, URI GELLER. Geller has revealed Lennon told him he'd had a late-night visit from extra-terrestrials a year before he was shot...

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