Paranormalist Uri Geller is selling off his old suits on online auction site eBay in a bid to raise cash for his Charitable Foundation. The celebrity spoon-bender was hoping to net a fortune from his cast-offs, which include suits made by fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. But some of his garments only sold for a paltry GBP5 ($9), while his star item - the black velvet suit he sported for judging a Miss Universe competition - was snapped up for just GBP106.99 ($201). Geller had asked an anonymous female seller, who appears on the site as simply 'Just-Fine-Suits', to put the garments up for sale. The seller promises the lucky bidders will also receive "million-year-old rock crystals that he has personally touched and given to me for the auction," and adds, "The winners will also receive a personally signed photo of Uri Geller." She explains Geller was keen to sell off his suits "since they were hanging in his wardrobe for years and he is always buying new ones".