Uri Geller saved his children from school bullies by bending a spoon in front of their awe-struck classmates.

The 68-year-old star has admitted his children, Daniel, 32, and Natalie, 31 - who he has with wife Hanna - were mocked for having a famous father during their younger years but he soon put a stop to that by impressing pupils at their school with his incredible spoon-bending powers.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''They were teased in school. So I said to Daniel I'm going to go school in my Cadillac, which has 3,000 spoons riveted to the body. So I drove to the school and everyone gathered around the car and I bent a spoon.

''From that day my kids were never teased again.

''I thought my children would be spoon benders themselves. But Natalie said no, she decided to go to Los Angeles. She works in casting.

''My son, Daniel, also never really cared about the spoon bending. He's now a barrister with the Crown Prosecution Service. Slightly different to spoon bending!''

As well as being proud of his children and wife, Uri also cherishes his Cadillac, which has spoons previously owned by the likes of King James I, Elvis Presley and John Lennon riveted onto the body.

He added: ''Spoons I've collected from Elvis Presley to John Lennon to King George III, King James I, Dali, I can go on, I put them on the car and they became an art piece.

''It's stood in quite a few museums around the world.''

Uri Geller is fronting the Kellogg's personalised spoon campaign and will be hosting a spoon bending master-class at Westfield London W12 on Saturday 24th January. To register for the event, email [email protected] and to find out how to get your personalised spoon, go to http://www.spoon.kelloggs.com