R+B star Usher Raymond owns a staggering 10,000 pairs of trainers, so he never needs to worry about ruining a pair.

The singer admits he buys up to 10 pairs of running shoes at a time.

He says, "If I mess one pair up, I have another. I always wear ADIDAS and PUMA. My agent said, 'Don't buy any more shoes. We'll call and get you the shoes.'"

The star's flamboyant ways extend to his tourbus - he insists on kitting his travelling home out with Diptyque Baies (corr) candles and fresh flowers every day.

He adds, "My tour bus is like my home. I take this big rig with all of my equipment - big-screen TV, Playstation, videos, DVDs, fax machine, CD player, DirecTV, and I'm pretty content."

25/11/2003 02:19