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The Movies Of The Wachowski's: From Best To Worst

Press shy and intentionally low-profile, the Wachowski brothers (now brother and sister) occupy a rare position in Hollywood of being household names, responsible for some truly awe-inspiring works of cinematic innovation that have enamoured critics...

Natalie Portman: Fashion Is 'Surreal'

Natalie Portman says fashion has given her some ''surreal'' moments.The 31-year-old actress - who wed French choreographer Benjamin Millepied in August after meeting on the set of 'Black Swan' in 2009 - thinks one of...

Fry: 'I Nearly Committed Suicide'

V FOR VENDETTA actor STEPHEN FRY's manic depression once became so bad he came close to committing suicide. In 1995, the British star was so down after quitting a West End play in London he...

Purefoy Abandoned Vendetta Because Of Mask

British actor JAMES PUREFOY walked out in his role in V FOR VENDETTA after struggling to wear a mask for the entire film. The A KNIGHT'S TALE star, 41, became so frustrated at having...

Portman Wows German Crew With Language Skills

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN impressed everyone on the Berlin set of her latest film V FOR VENDETTA when she started speaking fluent German. Unlike many actors, who would be silenced by the language barrier, linguistic...

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