The last episode of Saturday Night Live (May 11, 2013) was also the last episode of the current series, but luckily the show's producers managed to bring in a truly impressive line-up that included musical guest Vampire Weekend and host Kristin Wiig, returning to the show that launched her career.

The avante-gard pop group performed two songs from their much-anticipated third album, Modern Vampires In The City, including the single 'Diane Young' and the album track 'Unbelievers,' bringing their own unique style to each of the performances. For Diane Young,' the group were accompanied by a solitary brass section, consisting of a man in a tuxedo and top hat playing a barritone saxophone, whilst on 'Unbelievers' the group had an organ, piano and a four-piece brass section, who were unfortunately dressed in normal clothes. Needless to say, it was all very cool and very Vampire Weekend. 

'Diane Young'

The band were on the show to promote their upcoming third album, which will be released May 14 and has been streaming for free on the iTunes Store in the last few days leading up to the release. With the anticipation surrounding that album's release, and the generally decent feedback given to the album so far, it is expected that the band will perform particularly well on the album charts.

The group's last album, 2010's Contra, peaked at Number One on the Billboard album charts, with their new release expected to emulate this success. The band have described the album as being darker than their previous too, but still retaining that Vampire Weekend poppy charm that has endured them to fans.