For Hudgens, waiting for the right role to come along – a serious role – is all part of her maturing process as an actor. “[The lighter films] are definitely the projects that come along a lot easier,” she explained to The Huffington Post.

Gimme ShelterHudgens has come a long way since High School Musical

“But I feel like doing such different things [and] I am not afraid to go the extra mile and dive into a character. I think word is starting to get out there. The parts that I've been doing recently are completely different, and I've been given the opportunity to do them, so I am very thankful.”

Perhaps the most stunning transformation for Hudgens in Gimme Shelter is a physical one: her lack of hair. “It was awesome,” she said of the mop chop; a picture of which saw her fans stunned at how different she looked. “I think cutting my hair off shocked everybody - even myself,” she added.

Gimme Shelter, which also stars Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser, Stephanie Szostak, James Earl Jones, Dascha Polanco and Emily Meade, is directed by somewhat-rookie helmsman Ron Krauss. It is set for release on January 24th.

Gimme Shelter PosterThe poster for Gimme Shelter