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Do not listen to that irish has-been. Would gladly exchange your life for his anytime. I'm sure he's got the hots for Johnny and just waiting for you to leave him. You stick with being the best mom and wife a woman can be and you and your whole family will reap the benefits. Don't be like all the other Hollywood has-beens, in and out of rehab. We know you are not like them and wishing you and Lily-Rose the best! We all love you, Johnny, Lily-Rose, and Jack.

Posted 16 years 2 months ago by PJ1111

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Vanessa dear, it looks like Johnny is hauling you and the kids from here to kingdom his mother did to him. Why don't you try your hand at acting in big budget films of your own? I'm sure hollywood would LOVE to cast you in great movies. Get some of the sparkle and spotlight for yourself! You had a great career going, I'm sure you'd make it big in the US. We're all curious about you. Decide for yourself if the "hollywood machine" is as bad as Depp thinks it is! I think you'd have a blast doing it! And you'd want to try it before you get too old dear.It's your turn! Get out there! Try Hollywood! Go for the Gusto! Live life on your terms, not just Depp's. You're a woman, be strong. We'd love to see your work. See how Johnny feels about you getting into a whopper of a kiss on screen like he does!

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by irishmeow

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