Review of 12"/80s/2 Album by Various Artists


12”/80s/2 - Album Review

12”/80s/2 - Album Review

This critically acclaimed album is back with second helpings of what seemed to be the best decade for music!

Released on Family Records on 27 th June, the album features all of the classics, and what makes it better is that all of the songs are the extended versions!!

The record includes the awesome Pet Shop Boys (just reminds me of the school disco), Tears for Fears (YES!), and Echo and the Bunnymen for all your pleasures.

The 80s really were the decade everyone remembers, it was such a great time – all the greats were born (me – only joking!) musically, such as Spandau Ballet, The Human League and Soft Cell! It was also a great time for TV, but we won’t get onto that! It’s all about the music!!!

My favourites on the album are obviously Tears for Fears – doesn’t everyone like them!?! You can’t beat a good Fears song! And the classic Frankie Goes To Hollywood! I love “Two Tribes”. It’s just such a fun song and brings back all those memories of when you were little.

This album is definitely one for reminiscing - although I was quite shocked to see the likes of Madonna, Wham and Adam Ant on the record!!! Maybe we’ll see them on the third? Let’s hope so!!!

The 80s will always be remembered for its song writing and for the eccentrics of such stars like INXS and Culture Club.

This album is definitely a party album – go out and buy it!!!

Candice Finney