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Skate to Hell
Skate to Hell - Album Review

Skate to Hell

Album Review

This CD is for all the people who watch the channel and then think ‘who’s this song by?’ It’s also distinctly British in the concept – it’s for UK skaters and celebrates the UK skater culture – even though quite a few of the bands are American.

It’s 36 songs ranging from Black Flag to Black Sabbath to the Prodigy andthe variety is a good opener for anybody who really wants to get punk rock. Skatecore,as it’s called in the inlay booklet which is written by Chad Fernandez,has got more popular recently thanks to the likes of Sum 41 and Avril Lavignebut this compilation digs deeper and is even named after the Gang Green songwhich is also included on the CD.

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Some of the tracks are well known such as the Prodigy’s Breathe and Motorhead’s Ace of Spades – two classics although Breathe is not so much of an obvious skater’s song. This makes it a surprise, if welcome, inclusion. Some are known on other things like Tony Hawks Pro Skater (another skater connection). CKY is one of these and they run in the same vein as heavier metal bands. Basically this is a run through of punk rock from almost the very start of rock with MC5 to now with the Darkness and Black Motorcycle Rebel Club.

The Darkness are a very new band and are pretty much a parody of AC/DC and it’shard to fault them because they don’t take themselves seriously. You justhave to listen to their stuff to realise this. Of course there are bands thatwere instrumental in starting punk rock as we know it (including a personal favouriteof mine, Bad Religion) but also some choices that ‘will cause an argumentor two’ according to the inlay booklet.

You’ll find that there are some less well known songs by some bands forexample OPM with ‘Fish Out of Water’ instead of ‘Heaven isa Halfpipe’ so this isn’t just a commercial exercise but, insteadjust trying to open punk up to a wider audience. Perhaps the most unexpectedinclusion is Public Enemy and Anthrax’s ‘Bring the Noise’ aforerunner of rap rock.

This is one compilation I could happily listen to for a long time to come. It’seven opened my eyes to bands I’d never listened to before but heard of.And, even if you’ve been listening to these bands for years it’llbe a pleasure just to hear these songs in a different context. Highly recommended.

Natasha Perry