Review of Flip Skateboards Presents... Extremely Sorry Album by Various Artists

Review of Flip Skateboards Presents... Extremely Sorry OST

Various Artists Flip Skateboards Presents... Extremely Sorry Album

Flip Skateboards Presents...

... Lemmy Kilminster (Motorhead), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Early Man and many more. Names that in their own right that you could say have done there bit in their own genre of music but mixed together to make a sound track? Now that is surely a disaster waiting to happen, isn't it?

The album kick's off with an intro featuring Geoff Rowley & Lemmy Kilminster seemingly reading a passage from an old book. The reading is somewhat airy but what is more mental is the fact this is followed with a cover version Ben E King's brilliant 'Stand By Me' It's a scary thought that these two attempt this, but in some bizarre way it does work. The gravel like vocals with electric guitars does add some spice to the tune, but maybe that just backs up the fact that this song is timeless.

Dave Lombardo's Slayer smashes out his piece which is originally titled 'Drum Solo' but in reality this 1 minute and ten seconds of drums belongs in a jamming session not really on an album. On the flip side there is no doubt there will be some drum fans out there appreciating it and also some Rock Band games killing it.

'When Is Now' starts you off by giving that Mexican meets Spanish feel with the acoustic guitar but hits with some intensive sounds right in the heart of the song. This would sound like pure genius when used on the right film in the right scenario.

Now for pure loud head nodding guitar riffs we elevate you towards 'The Process Of Extinction' Early Man has hit the jackpot with this. Because once you have listened to it your head is spinning as your brain has just been hurtled from pillar to post from the last five minutes of pure noise.

The whole album comes to an end with 'Swagger Rich' which is like a kind of Rock Hip Hop finish to proceedings and to finish this album off with have none other than Warren G and Snoop Dogg.

If you were to sum this album up in one word it would simply be: Diverse.


Mark Moore