Review of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Album by Various Artists

As far as movie sagas are concerned, Twilight has got to be right up there on the centre stage forcefully taking the baton off the Harry Potter films, and as with most films nowadays comes a soundtrack to accompany the film score. Some soundtracks can be a symbol of pure quality while others are a waste of production. A lot of record labels actively seek out movie makers to get their bands featured on the next big film and the current set of films leading the pack are the Twilight series.

Various Artists The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Album

When you think of anything to do with vampires you think dark, scary and well night time really. You could say that these films have slung the age of vampires into the 2010 as these vampires can live in the sunlight. Similarly you would think the soundtrack is going to be dark and heavy rock if not metal at times, but The Twilight Saga is once again out to surprise. Metric have the privilege of kicking off the album with the title track 'Eclipse (All Yours)' and it's a fitting beginning. When you hear the track from Muse, although the lyrics are slightly dark at the start the whole thing just kicks into life and Matt Bellamy's vocals are as mind blowing as ever.

'Ours' sees a return from The Bravery (remember them?) a slightly messy track which shows a lack of direction from a fallen group looking to resurrect their careers.
Florence And The Machine reminds the listener why so many people are hooked and intrigued by her music with 'Heavy In Your Arms'.

Beck and Bat For Lashes collaborate on 'Let's Get Lost' a great intense track, and this is followed by Vampire Weekend's offering 'Josh Low'. The thing about Vampire Weekend is that everything around their music is just intoxicating, they are flying high at the moment and let's hope they stay up there and are not set up for a fall.

Sometimes - and most certainly in this case - you really have to see the film just so you can sense where the songs actually fit in and why they have actually been included. The best compliment that you can give this soundtrack is that the tracks chosen work so well together they could quite happily fit onto any normal compilation album.

Mark Moore