Review of The World Is Gone Album by Various Artists

The World Is Gone
Album Review

Various Artists The World Is Gone Album

Various couldn't be more aptly named, for while there is the core duo of Adam and Ian, they invite a number of guests to provide vocals to the musical backdrops. To complete the package, they also produced the record and delivered the eye-catching sleeve.

Opening track "Thunnk" is a laid-back electro affair, not completely unlike the music of Linkin Park – but without the slickness that has brought global success to the nu-metallers. A sinister edge makes it mildly interesting, but the monotonous, thick American drawl adds little to a track that fails to develop. Its lack of stimulation is unfortunately repeated for the duration of "The World Is Gone" – with "Sir", "Sweetness", "Today", and "Fly" all failing to make an impression.

There are the odd moments of (unrealised) potential, "Soho" sounding like a slowed-down reject from label mates The Prodigy, and "Don't Ask" being a fairly successful foray into electro-reggae. It is actually on two acoustic tracks that Various are at their best, with "Circle Of Sorrow" featuring some heavenly vocals over an organic sounding background, and "Deadman" being as solemn as the title suggests. However, its nowhere near enough to save a record which is far from pleasant.

Alex Lai

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