Velvet Revolver star Duff Mckagan is to expand his burgeoning journalistic career by becoming a financial columnist for Playboy magazine. The former Guns N' Roses rocker already writes a weekly report for and now he is adding the raunchy mens' publication to his resume.
He writes in his column, "If someone were to tell me five months ago that I'd be busy thinking up things to write about on a weekly basis, I would have actually been happy to hear it. As of this week, I will not only be continuing my Seattle Weekly commitment, but also starting a new endeavour as a financial columnist at How the hell is it that I will to be writing about money matters for Playboy?"
And MCKagan admits that his role as a financial spokesperson for the music industry came about by accident - when a journalist asked him for his views on money matters.
He adds, "It started in 2004 when a writer for some music newspaper asked me about my experience going to business-school after my career with GN'R. That interview in turn prodded other writers to ask me about money issues within the music biz. From there, PBS's Frontline interviewed me about the 'valuation of a rock band' and the cork was officially off the top of the bottle as far as me being an ersatz 'go-to' guy for anyone looking for financial insight from inside the music industry. Sometimes I do wish more artists would go to business school just so I wouldn't always be getting the calls to do these interviews."