The trailer for controversial director Ki-Duk Kim's latest movie Pieta is here, ahead of its full release in the U.S. The gritty Korean drama became the first movie from the country to win the most prestigious prize at the Venice International Film Festival, the Golden Lion, and it's received heaps of praise from critics.

It follows the story of Lee Kang-Do, a man working as a debt collector in the brutal world of Korean loan sharks. He collects one-month repayments with 1000% interest and returns the cash to his ruthless boss. In order to ensure he receives the cash every time, he forces those unable to pay up to sign insurance forms for a disability, severely injuries them, and claims the insurance. It's all pretty grim, until a woman claiming to his mother turns up unexpectedly.

Lee is initially reluctant to strike up a relationship with the woman - his mother abandoned him as a child and he had no desire to find her. However, they soon spend time together and he attempts to gives up his life of crime in order to enjoy his life with his newfound parent - something easier said than do.

The title of the movie comes from the name of the Italian art masterpiece which depicts the Virgin Mary cradling her deceased son Jesus. It hits cinemas in the US on May 17, 2013 and features Min-Soo Jo, Eunjin kang, Jae-Rok, Jeong-Jin Lee, Ki-Hong Wood, Jin Yong-Ok.