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Venus first of all congradulation on your win against janovic. It was a very exciting match and you played awsome. Just get some new shorts, I think you lost a lot of points pulling, tugging, and arranging those shorts. Being a designer I am sure that you can get some that fit better and make you look a lot more attractive. All those did was call attention to the fact that they obiviously did not fit.

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7/7/7 FOR VENUS AND 8 FOR FEDERER!It is seen that 7/7/7 has been proved to be a good omen at least forVenus Williams who won the Wimbledon women's championship on July 7th.Similarly, numbers 5 and 8 have been proved lucky for Roger Federer who won the 5th consecutive men's championship on July 8th.Numerologically speaking,Venus is highly influenced by numbers 2 and 7 by virtue of her name.Numerologically,the name number of Venus is 25 which adds upto 7.The name number is arrived at as follows:-Venus=v+e+n+u+s=6+5+5+6+3=25(2+5=7).The name number of Williams is 22,as shown below.Williams=w+i+l+l+i+a+m+s=6+1+3+3+1+1+4+3=22.Hence Venus Williams=25+22=47,which adds upto 2(4+7=11.Further adding,1+1=2).Number 2 is the feminine side of number 7.Both numbers are inseparably inter-connected. Thus,number 7 is lucky for a person for whom number 2 is lucky and vice-versa.It is seen that Venus won her first championship in the year 2000,which represents number 2 (2+0+0+0=2). The third was captured by her in 2005 which adds upto 7(2+0+0+0+5=7).Numbers 2 and 7 are important factors in 2007!So,she has been crowned in the year 2007.Incidentally,she is now 27-year-old.ROGER FEDERER won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon medal on July8th.Victory of Federer can be numerologically analysed.The analysis is made on the basis of three points:-1)Influence of number 8 in the life of Roger Federer.2)Influence of number 5 in his life.3)The numerological phenomena of repitition of historyTo begin with let us examine the influence of number 8.Roger Federer was born on August 8,1981.The birth date is 8.Besides, the month-August- is the 8th one from January.Also,addition of the date,month and year gives 35,which adds upto 8((8+8+1+9+8+1=35.Further adding,3+5=8).Federer is reported to have begun playing tennis at the age of 8.He is the first player to earn $8 million in prize money in one season.On February 26,Federer moved past Jimmy Connors's 30-year-old mark and began an unprecedented 161st consecutive week on top of the men's rankings to eclipse Jimmy Connors.Interestingly,numbers 26 and 161 represent 8(2+6=8 and 1+6+1=8).Finally Federer repeated history on July 8th.Secondly,we can see the influence of number 5 on Federer.This influence is attributed to his name.Numerologically,his name number is 50 which adds upto 5(5+0=5).Name number is arrived at by adding together the occult numbers all the letters of the name,as shown below:-r+o+g+e+r+f+e+d+e+r+e+r=2+7+3+5+2+8+5+4+5+2+5+2=50(5+0=5)Federer etched his name into wimbledon's roll of honour in 2003 by becoming the first Swiss man to win a Grand Slam singles crown.Note that 2003 adds upto 5(2+0+0+3=5).Also,in the year 2003 ,he was named player of the year.Thirdly ,we have to consider the theory of the repitition of numbers.While analysing events that occurred at an interval of 9 years or multiples like 18 ,27,36,it is possible to deduce that the most dramatic events happened at these times.To make this claim more convincing,let me bring in some examples.Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister in 1966.After 9 years,that is in 1975,she declared emergency .In 1984,she was assassinated.The Bharatiya Janata Party was formed in 1980.A BJP-supported government came to power at the centre after 9 years under V.P.Singh in 1989.In 1998,the BJP could form their own government at the centre(with the support of other parties)Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948.after 36 years,Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984.And,immensely interesting it is-there has been Lok Sabha election in every 9 years since 1962!(1962, 1971,1980,1989,1998)Between the Lok Sabha election in 1977 and 2004,there was a time gap of 27 yearsThere were striking similarities in these elections.Both these elections gave a rude shock to the ruling party.The government formed after the election had the support of the CPM.Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister in 1977.Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister in 2004.The names of both of them beginwith the letter'M'.Morarji was India's 5th Prime Minister.Manmohan is India's 14th Prime Minister.Adding 1 and 4 we get 5.Now,coming back to Federer it is note-worthy that he is now passing through the 26th year(2+6=8).The influence of number 8 in his life may be noted.By virtue of his name,influence of number 5 may be seen.The theory of dramatic events within a period of 9 years-or multiple of 9,such as 18,27,36 etc may also be taken into account.Bjorn Borg was Wimbledon champion in 1976,1977,1978,1979 and 1980.So,in 2007-that is ,after 27 years- Federer equalled Bjorn Borg's record of five successive wimbledon crown.(Possibility of Federer winning the final and creating history was hinted in my earlier blog) M.K.DAMODARAN NUMEROLOGIST EDAYANNUR-POST KANNUR KERALA Phone-04902485193

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