Venus Williams is currently in a legal nightmare after getting involved in a car crash in Florida which left a man dead. Body cam footage from the cops who arrived at the scene has now been released, showing them naming the tennis star as 'at fault' for the accident. 

Venus Williams at Mylan World Team tennis gameVenus Williams at Mylan World Team tennis game

The sports champion got trapped in the middle of an intersection in West Palm Beach on June 9th 2017, and her Toyota Sequoia SUV ended up getting slammed into by 78-year-old Jerome Barson who later died from his injuries sustained in the crash. In new police footage, Venus is shown being blamed for the crash, but is released without a citation after the officer agreed she got 'caught in the middle'.

'What seems to have happened is from the time that you entered North Lake Boulevard and stopped, the westbound light changed to green, and that car was westbound in the right lane and he had a green light, so you kind of violated his right of way', he explains. 'I will say that you're at fault in this crash, but I'm not citing you for the crash because I think you got stuck in the middle of the intersection. It's one of those situations where you had the right of way, but you lost the right of way... You just got stuck in a bad situation there.'

He continued, saying that he wanted to leave it to the insurance companies to sort out the situation. 'I'm not giving you a citation because, I don't feel comfortable giving you a citation when I'm not 100% sure in this case', he said.

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It hasn't stopped the Barson family suing Venus in a wrongful death suit, claiming that she ignored the red light and 'gunned it' across the street. Another passenger was also left with serious injuries, but Venus has denied that she was to blame for the extent of the damage.