'Line of Duty' has been hailed as one of the U.K’s best crime dramas alongside Luther and Broadchurch. But unlike those two shows – which both scored big at this week’s RTE Awards – Line of Duty’s ending left many feeling despondend, something the show’s creator Jed Mercurio has openly apologised for.

Line of DutyLine of Duty is a dead cert for a third season

“I’m sorry some people have been disappointed with the ending. I already mentioned in an earlier response that there would be things that some viewers would feel were important that weren’t dealt with, and I appreciate that can be frustrating,” he said. 

“We tried to deal with the main character points that we felt were at the heart of the drama. A further issue is the desire to have a just resolution, that is that wrongdoing is punished, but one of the features of Line of Duty is that there are times that doesn’t happen, just like in real life.” (The Mirror)

The confusing ending, which left many fans scratching their heads and taking to Twitter to dry and discern a conclusion they could fathom, wasn’t the only disappointing factor: many struggled to watch the finale on The BBC’s iPlayer service due to technical difficulties. A BBC spokesman confirmed: “We had a technical issue last night for a short period where some viewers couldn’t access BBC iPlayer.”

Line of Duty BBCThe show's heavy themes struck a chorde with the audiences

Despite all this, and considering the high ratings, fans of the show will be looking forward to a third series, which should be announced in the coming days with filming is expected to start later this year. Mercurio said: “To all of you who are asking about a third series, we’d love to do one, but nothing’s official yet.”

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