Rumours that Victoria Beckham will be starring in a new Scientology film by Tom Cruise have been quashed after the former Spice Girl revealed that she can't act.

Last week it was reported that Cruise was interested in casting Victoria in the role of the bride of an alien leader. But speaking exclusively to the Daily Mirror, the former singer revealed that the rumours were "hilarious".

"It's quite hilarious for two reasons. Firstly, you'll never see me on screen again because I can't bloody act to save my life!"

"And secondly, although I get offered quite a few parts, I'd never do it as I wouldn't want to wear anything the wardrobe department would put me in ," she said.

Victoria, who is married to football star David Beckham, says the only roles she would consider would be ones in which she plays herself "or maybe Catwoman because I quite like that catsuit she gets to wear!".

Victoria has starred in one movie, Spice World, a mostly fictional look into the world of the Spice Girls.

28/12/2006 09:20:06