The Beckhams, VIVA Forever Musical

A demure looking Beckham family arrive for the world premiere of VIVA Forever

The world premier of The Spice Girls musical VIVA Forever took place in London last night, but the group were upstaged as the Beckham family attended in full - minus youngest Harper - to take the glare of the snappers' bulbs away from the remaining members of the Fab Five. Indeed, you'd be hard pressed to find a picture of Victoria Beckham with her old group mates Melanie Chisolm, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown, the pop star-cum-fashion entrepreneur sticking largely with her husband and sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.   

The Spice Girls, VIVA Forever

The rest of the Spice Girls make a slightly more shambolic entrance to the premiere

The girls didn't seem to mind Victoria keeping her distance too much however, in fact they looked they were having a right party, looking already slightly bedraggled as they turned up together from their hotel and looking further worse for wear as they returned after the party. Guests including Holly Willoughby, Joan Collins and Joanna Lumley turned up to watch the show in the West End, with the girls going up on stage - with Victoria - to pay tribute to Jennifer Saunders for writing the script.

Victoria Beckham, VIVA ForeverThe Spice Girls, VIVA Forever

Pictures tell a thousand words ... Victoria Beckha [Left] is effortlessly cool as she arrives in the West End, the rest? Less so...

David Beckham, VIVA Forever

David Beckham with his eldest son Brooklyn; Becks is still looking for a new club after leaving the Los Angeles Galaxy last month

Talking to the BBC, Geri Halliwell reflected on the show - which uses the Spice Girls more as an influence than a straight up biopic of their lives - and said: "It's mind-blowing when you see something that we wrote in a little, tiny cold studio over 14 years ago, and then this West End cast is singing our songs. We're so proud." The show focuses on four friendships that are tested by fame, and thus resonates with the Spice Girls story. Indeed, Halliwell left the band less than two years after the group broke through, in 1998; there have been persistent rumours meanwhile about how close Beckham is to the rest of the group these days. 

The Spice Girls, Viva Forever

[Left-Right] Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C

If the girls are hoping for the sort of success that greeted the hugely successful ABBA musicla Mamma Mia! they might be disappointed, though. Early critical reports haven't been favourable for the show, with The Guardian arguing that the best musicals are driven on by the lyrics in the songs - and the lyrics in Spice Girls' songs are terrible. Ouch.