Victoria Beckham has just been brutally shamed by Piers Morgan for her use of a shockingly skinny model in her latest eyewear campaign, and for the first time we actually agree with him. She might be a major player in the fashion industry, but this is a disappointingly outdated move.

Victoria Beckham seen leaving her storeVictoria Beckham seen leaving her store

Just when we start to feel like we're living in an age of body confidence and Sunday meal preps, something comes along to remind women that they'll only ever be considered beautiful if they're underweight. This time it's fashion designer Victoria Beckham with a campaign for spectacles featuring 29-year-old Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite looking scarily slender.

'This photograph made me feel physically sick, and judging by the eruption of opprobrium that greeted it online, I'm far from alone in this view', 'Good Morning Britain' presenter Piers Morgan wrote in his Mail Online column. 'This is a horribly cynical, commercially ruthless, and morally reprehensible decision by someone who should, and does, know better. Shame on you, Victoria Beckham.'

While some argue that Giedre may, indeed, be naturally slim and never have suffered an eating disorder, others say that this doesn't excuse the use of someone whose size is clearly well under the national average at a time when cases of eating disorders have risen more than 60 per cent for young women in a six year period, and over 75 per cent for more mature women.

Victoria herself became a statistic when she was in the Spice Girls back in the 90s. She has also been known to have a slender frame, and that's not necessarily a natural trait. She has previously admitted to having a strict diet, sparking no doubt from her obsession with restrictive eating while she was a popstar.

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Victoria and Giedre are yet to comment on the backlash.